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Vibrating Panties

The vibrating panties, also known as vibrating underwear, are female underpants that have been inserted with a remote controlled clitorial vibrator in the crotch area.

teasingHighly sensual and irresistibly sexy.

There are not many things that can turn a man on as much as the thought of holding a remote control and being able to tease his woman, arouse her nearly to the point of climax, slowing down only to start again and to eventually give her an orgasm in a public place.

It’s a phenomenal feeling for any man to have this kind of control and for an adventuress and slightly naughty woman it’s not only great fun but also an incredibly exciting and arousing experience.

Remote controlled vibrating panties


Though many women use the vibrating panties discreetly by themselves for stimulation they are also very popular amongst couples both heterosexual and lesbian. This crafty little sex toy is made from a conjunction of female lingerie with a small vibrating element, often called bullet, inserted. The bullet is located inside the panties against the genitalia of the female.

Vibrating panty bullets are available that stimulate either just the clitoris or both the clitoris and the outer lips of the labia. Penetrative sex toys attached to the inner side of panties are also available but are not as popular as the remote vibrating panty.

Vibrating Panties are a lot of fun.

Just imagine the fun you’ll have in bed after a night out together coming back home excited as teenagers about to have their first sexual experiences.

You might have gone to a nice restaurant where he aroused you slightly over dinner, increasing the power now and then but always holding back a bit, when the waiter came with the food he turned up the power just to see how you’d manage to hide your emotions.

Later you might go to the theater or to the movies where he might give you an orgasm while waiting in line or during the show.

The possibilities are endless and only your imagination holds you back. You could even be sitting at your parent’s dinner table while having multiple orgasms’ and nobody notices anything except of course you and your partner.

The Vibrating Panties scene from the movie “The Ugly Truth”, starring Katherine Hegl

The beautiful and talented actress Katherine Hegl starred in the film the Ugly Truth where in one of the funnier scenes of the movie she’s sitting at a restaurant wearing wireless remote controlled vibrating panties.

Somehow the remote got into the hands of a young boy at another table who thought it was a salt dispenser and as the buy is pressing the buttons of the remote she gets an orgasm right there at the dinner table.
This brilliantly funny scene has been covered on many talk shows and as Miss Hegl has been doing her rounds promoting the movie she’s always asked about that scene.